Episode 8 — Introducing the Enhanced Retirement Approach

A conventional retirement approach often leaves people with a limited ability to leave behind a legacy. Why? Because assets like retirement accounts often don’t grow beyond the account holder’s lifetime.

That’s why Doug Alden is all about an enhanced retirement approach. By making different uses of your money, this approach allows you to not only protect, build, and enjoy your wealth, but to also potentially pass on a legacy to your loved ones. Today, Doug outlines everything you need to know about this enhanced approach and how he helps clients build a legacy with their wealth.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s easy to get confused by all the financial products that are out there
  • The value in maximizing the velocity of your money
  • How Doug helps clients use an enhanced approach
  • What role insurance can play in your retirement strategy
  • And more!

Join Doug now to discover what the enhanced retirement approach can offer you and your wealth!

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