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Episode 9 — Are You Making Decisions to Protect, Build, and Enjoy Your Wealth?

To be ready for the unexpected, you need to protect yourself against as many contingencies as possible. That way, you can protect, build, and enjoy your wealth.

In this episode, Doug Alden explains how the decisions we make greatly impact our potential to protect ourselves against the unknown. Is fear guiding your decisions to purchase specific financial products? Are you giving up freedom for security? Doug offers plenty of food for thought in this insightful episode. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Doug uncovers clients’ wealth needs by using the 5 W’s 
  • How people’s fears play a role in their financial decision-making
  • What you can do to maintain control of your wealth
  • Why you need to consider the facts in financial planning
  • And more!

Join Doug now to consider whether your decisions are helping you to protect, build, and enjoy your wealth.

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